The Definitive Business Plan
The Definitive Business Plan
The Definitive Business Plan
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The Definitive Business Plan
the fast track to intelligent business planning
for executives and entrepreneurs

"With careful and detailed planning, one can win;
with careless and less detailed planning, one cannot win.
How much more certain is defeat if one does not plan at all!
From the way planning is done beforehand,
we can predict victory or defeat."
Sun Tzu, The Art of War. C. 400 BC

Welcome to The Definitive Business Plan website. Here you will find information about this book (an international best seller), the author, business planning, and planning services to help you with your own planning.

We want to encourage interaction between entrepreneurs, executives and students with an interest in business planning. If you have a question, want to solicit help or finance, would like to contribute experiences and planning anecdotes, or have other suggestions or ideas please interact right away.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, comments and reviews. Please also feel free to contact us if you are hunting for something in particular.

Richard Stutely
Richard Stutely
November, 2003


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