The Definitive Business Plan
The Definitive Business Plan
The Definitive Business Plan
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Plan of the Book

The chapter Shows you Gives you
What's it all about
Why plan?
What, why, how, who
Focus for your plan
A winning presentation
How to create a standard document to ease the pain of writing your plan The basis for your current and all your future plans
Making a start
How to kick off the planning process and get the first words on paper The first and last sections of your plan - plus some of what goes in between
Know yourself
How to come to terms with who you are, what you do and how you do it A solid description of the business and its people
Know the world
How to understand your competitors, customers and operating environment Critical competitor analysis and market positioning
The core
How to develop a winning strategy and turn it into a plan and objectives Objectives, strategy, and your operating plan
About these numbers
How to think about the numbers that you need Background to the key financial projections
Getting to gross profit
How to project sales and gross profit Sales, cost of sales, gross profit
Getting to net profit
How to estimate operating costs and forecast net profit Operating costs, capital spending, net profit
Funding the business
How to work out your funding requirements and value your business Balance sheet, P&L/income, cash flow, funding, valuation
Managing risk
How to use uncertainty to your advantage Evidence that you know what you are doing
Getting it approved
How to gain approvals and win the required funding Approval and funding
Now make it happen
How to put the plan to good use

A successful business


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